How to be Healthy and Happy

We are living in the fast and busy world where we give very less attention to our self. In our young age, we do not focus on our diet and health, therefore, faces a lot more problem in middle age. 

The healthy ways for better living are: do our breakfast regularly, do exercise, and keeping our sleeping hour’s normal .try to drink excess water approximately 9-12 glasses regularly. We should eliminate our bad habits from our daily routine.

A sound Body has a sound mind. We are what we eat and what we do so. it is well defined as the person living with healthy and normal metabolism and maintain stamina. Especially have the ability to perform their daily activities and functioning. To get strengthen body we must follow the healthy diet plan and structured exercise. Exercise is the best way to maintain one’s self internally and physically fit. Physical fitness is achieved through proper nutrition and vigorous exercise.
There are several ways to keep our self-fit.
  • Healthy Diet /Nutrition

    We are eating food according to our taste but not taking as our internal metabolism need healthy diet plan include a timetable and well-planned calorie diet. For this, we have to emphasize vegetable fruit whole grains low fat dairy products. It includes lean meats, poultry, fishes, beans, eggs, and nuts. Limits saturated and Tran’s fats, sodium, and added sugar control the portion sizes.

  • Drinking plenty of water

Water is an essential element on earth our body composed of 60% of water drinking enough water maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients transport in the body and regulates body temperature, digest food. Drinking water may help in weight loss.Water released intoxicants from the body and freshen helps to purify our kidney functioning. Keep us hydrated. Dehydration may cause several diseases that are life-threatening.

  • Exercise and yoga

Exercise and yoga enhances our body metabolism it maintains our health and wellness. Our stamina strengthens with exercise this is very basic and foremost thing in our life to keep our muscle tones and keeps us energetic and yoga helps with mental health which is necessary to live a healthy life as they say "The key to healthy life is having a healthy mind" to know 5 basic yoga techniques check our next article. 
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